Blankets Care Guide

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Is my blanket ethically made?

Your blanket is made in partnership with artisans living and working in Morocco. This working relationship has been established through the British Moroccan Society, a charity which helps foster commercial partnerships to promote development and cultural exchange between Morocco and the United Kingdom.


What is my blanket made from?

Your Hammam blanket is made in the traditional Moroccan style using wooden, hand-operated, looms. Each style is made using either wool, cotton or a cotton/wool blend which have their own individual properties of warmth, weight, texture and lustre.


Is my Blanket eco-friendly?

Our blankets are made from natural, biodegradable cotton and wool. Each hand-made blanket is timeless in its design and can be used and enjoyed for many, many years to come. 


How should I care for my blanket?

We recommend regularly shaking your blanket outside to remove dust and debris. You can also use an occasional light misting of fabric spray to freshen your blanket.


Can I clean my blanket?

Our artisans weave 3 different types of blanket, each with slightly different washing instructions;


Cotton - Place your blanket inside a (plain un-dyed) duvet cover and wash on a cool, hand-wash cycle. This method of washing protects both the metallic threads running through the blanket as well as the hand-made wool tassel edging.


Wool - We recommend only occasional washing or dry cleaning of your wool blanket to preserve its shape and colour; shaking outside regularly will avoid the need for excessive laundering. If you decide to wash your blanket at home, place it inside an undyed duvet cover (to avoid colour transfer) and wash on a gentle, cool, wool or hand-wash cycle. 


Cotton/Wool Blend - 

Due to the wool content of your blended blanket it must be treated in the same way as the pure wool blankets. See above for details.


How do I deter moths?

Moth breeding season in the UK is May - Oct so this is the time to be extra vigilant. Moths prefer dusty, food stained natural fibres and thrive in humid environments. Make sure you keep your home well ventilated to decrease humidity. Regularly clean your blanket as described above. You may want to lightly spray your blanket with a shop-bought moth deterrent or make your own using water and a few drops of lavender essential oil.