Vintage Style Kilim Floor Cushion - Dusky Rose
Vintage Style Kilim Floor Cushion - Dusky Rose

Vintage Style Kilim Floor Cushion - Dusky Rose

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The vintage style Berber Kilim floor cushion features softly faded shades of dusky rose and delicately patterned bands of arrows, zigzags and diamonds. This functional piece will add a storied vintage feel to your living space as well as providing useful additional seating. Each cushion is weighty and deep-filled and is fittingly described as a ‘table chair’ in Boujad tradition where the Boujad rug is known as the ‘Table’.

Our floor cushions are hand-dyed and woven by artisans in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. Kilim rugs are defined by their flat, tapestry weave which traditionally incorporates geometric patterns and motifs; these are both decorative and symbolic as a talisman of fertility and protection. As per tribal tradition our floor cushions can be used to create sociable areas for sitting, eating and relaxing.  

Create a boho haven for relaxation and connection; curate your floor cushion collection today.


Product Info:

-Finished with a zip and cotton canvas backer.

-Shapes, sizes and colours may vary due to the unique hand-made nature of the products.

-This product comes unfilled.


-We recommend 'Sustainable Filling'. Fill your floor cushions with unwanted clothing or bedding at home. This is the best way to fill this beautiful piece. 

-We also believe it is an ethical way to make use of clothes, pillows and bedding at home.



Width 58cm