Amber Cube Care Guide

Is my amber cube ethically made?

Your amber cube is made by artisans living and working in Morocco. Our relationship with our artisans was ethically established through the British Moroccan Society, a charity that fosters commercial partnerships between Morocco and the United Kingdom to promote development and cultural exchange.


What are amber cubes made from?

Our hand-crafted cubes are made in the traditional way using resins, botanical Oils and essential Oils creating an intoxicating warm and spicy scent. 


How should I use my amber cube?

These clever little amber blocks can be used to bring a sweet, sensual fragrance across the home.

- Place in a dish or crumble a little into an oil burner for room fragrance.

- Place into a small cotton bag and slip into drawers and wardrobes to freshen clothes.

- Crumble a little into your vacuum cleaner bag or place in your car.


How should I look after my amber cube?

Keep your amber block inside its protective cotton bag when hanging up or placed in drawers; this avoids the surface becoming dirty or chipped. An amber block can last months or even years. If the aroma begins to fade, simply scrape off a fine layer of the cube's surface to rejuvenate the scent. 


Please Note: 

Boho Sahara does not recommend using these blocks on the body or hair. They are for domestic use only.