Our Story

Amina in Morocco


I’m Amina, the founder and director of Boho Sahara. I live in the city of Nottingham with my Husband and three beautiful children.

Having come from a rich cultural heritage, I have always enjoyed the beauty and story behind traditional customs and aesthetics. These interests led me to visit Morocco a few years ago where I fell in love with the incredible history, design and craftsmanship of the Moroccan people.

During the pandemic I watched as Morocco became deeply affected by Covid’s economic impacts. As I sat around the dining table homeschooling, nursing a baby and watching my husband work, I thought about my place in the world; I wondered how I could use my experiences, both professionally and personally, to support and showcase the talents of the small-scale artisans I had seen in Marrakesh. I decided that now was the time to turn my passion into action.

I worked along side a charity called British Moroccan Society (BMS) to create ethical partnerships with Moroccan makers running small independent businesses. These skilled makers collaborate with us to create the Boho Sahara collection, giving you access to the finest artisanal Moroccan products, perfect for your boho inspired home.

Founder & Director




What's in a name?

The name Boho Sahara was a combining of loves - Boho for my love of bohemian inspired design and Sahara after my only daughter. It also reflects the beauty, wildness and arid nature of the Moroccan landscape.