Hammam Towels Care Guide


Is my Hammam towel ethically made?

Your Hammam towel is made in partnership with artisan weavers living and working in the Atlas mountain region of Morocco. The connection we have with our craft workers has been established through the British Moroccan Society, a charity which helps foster commercial partnerships to promote development and cultural exchange between Morocco and the United Kingdom.


What is my Hammam towel made from?

Your Hammam towel is made in the traditional Moroccan style using only pure 100% cotton. It can be used as a towel, table covering, sarong to name just a few ideas.


Is my Hammam Towel eco-friendly?

Our towels are made from natural, biodegradable cotton and are free from synthetic, plastic fibres such as polyester. The smooth, non-looped surface of our towels, along with the strength and durability of cotton, mean your towel will last for many years.


How should I care for my Hammam Towel?

Your Hammam towel is easy to care for but if the hand twisted decorative tassels do fray or unravel with wear you can simply twist the loose threads in a clockwise direction and re-knot them.


Can I clean my Hammam Towel?

You will need to wash your towel before you first use it. Unlike some hand made items, washing your Hammam is actually good for it, encouraging absorbency and increasing its softness with each wash. We recommend washing at 30 on a gentle cycle without the use of fabric softener as this will reduce absorbency.