Leather Pouffes Care Guide

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Pouffe Care Guide


Is my leather pouffe ethically made?

Our Moroccan pouffes are hand-made by local Moroccan artisans, a partnership which was established through the British Moroccan Society, a charity which helps forge commercial partnerships to promote development and cultural exchange between Morocco and the United Kingdom.


What should I use to fill my pouffe?

Traditionally the Moroccan pouffe was stuffed with camel hair, however, your leather pouffe is very adaptable and can be filled with a wide variety of materials. The type of filling you choose can be used to create the desired weight and firmness of your pouffe. To use our no-hassle coir filling service for your medium sized pouffe simply go to the ‘Coir’ product listing under the ‘Pouffe’ category heading and click ‘add to basket’ and your medium sized pouffe will arrive filled.

Please note; Large pouffes are considered a furniture item and as such have a very large volume which is best stuffed using a product that can be bought in larger quantities such as upholstery wadding. 

You can also fill your medium sized pouffe yourself using one of the following:

Coir - Coir is the filling we use at Boho Sahara and is made from coconut fibre; a fantastic natural and environmentally friendly option. The bulk and firmness of the fibres closely replicate the weight and density of traditional camel hair giving a firm seat with just a little give.

Scrap Fabric - For the environmentally conscious, scraps of fabric and wadding from unwanted clothes, cushions and curtains can be torn up into small pieces and used to fill your leather pouffe. The volume, ratios and types of materials you choose can be used to determine the firmness of your pouffe.

Polystyrene Balls - Polystyrene balls offer a quick and easy way to fill your leather pouffe; they are readily available and will create a light-weight feel making it easy for little hands to move around.

Upholstery Wadding - Upholstery wadding can be used to fill your pouffe. Speak to a local upholstery service who can recommend filling options or fill it for you.


How do I stuff my pouffe?

- Make sure your chosen filling is dry and clean.

- Fully unzip and open your pouffe.

- Start by stuffing around the edges of the pouffe and work into the centre.

- Once you have a layer of filling repeat the steps above until you have reached the desired volume.

- Over-stuffing can put pressure on the zip and stitch work. If the zip is struggling to close it might be necessary to remove a little filling.


What if my pouffe starts to flatten?

No problem, simply unzip the back and add in a little extra stuffing, working from the edges inwards to avoid lumps.


How should I care for my leather pouffe?

Each Boho Sahara pouffe is made by highly skilled Moroccan artisans using 100% leather piece-work. 

We recommend applying a little leather furniture cream to your pouffe once a month. This will help to keep the leather soft and supple and can also be used to spot-clean any dirt or stains. Leather cream can be purchased online or in any local furniture store.


Will the strong leather smell last?

Traditional tanning methods use organic, natural substances to treat the leather which gives them a more noticeable leather smell when compared with leather tanned using modern factory methods. Be assured the leathery smell will fade with time.  


CAUTION: As this is a brand-new product, oils and dyes used to treat the leather may initially rub off onto carpets or furnishings. To prevent this we suggest placing a circular piece of cardboard underneath the item for the first few days of use.