Brass Care Guide


Is my Moroccan brass item ethically made?

Your brass item is made in partnership with artisans living and working in Morocco. Our connection with these craftspeople has been established through the British Moroccan Society, a charity which helps foster commercial partnerships to promote development and cultural exchange between Morocco and the United Kingdom.


What is my brass item made from?

Our brass items are hand-made by highly skilled artisans using either pure brass or a silvery brass alloy called Maillechort. Your purchase helps support the perpetuity of these traditional craft techniques.


How should I care for my brass item?

Dust your brass item lightly using a soft microfibre cloth.


Can I clean my brass item?

We recommend periodically using a metal polish to gently buff the surface of your brass piece.


A note on Mirrors:

How should I hang my mirror?

Each of our small mirrors has a central ‘D-ring’ and can be hung on a small nail or hook. When grouping small mirrors, why not try planning your layout on a large piece of paper and transferring the nail positions to the wall once you are happy with your composition.

For our larger mirrors, we recommend using picture wire threaded securely between the two d-rings. One or two picture hooks can then be used to attach the mirror to the wall. Please ensure you use appropriate nails, screw fixings or hooks for the type of wall or surface you’re hanging the mirror on.