Screen Printed Product Care Guide

Is my screen printed product ethically made?

Our Made By Emma products are hand made in England. Local Nottingham designer Emma Ojapah designs and makes the collection in collaboration with a Nottingham based printer specialising in the traditional method of screen printing by hand.

What is my screen printed product made from?

Your screen printed product is made using a durable heavyweight 100% cotton.

Is my screen printed product eco-friendly?

Our screen printed products are made using 100% natural cotton. Using our screen printed bags will help eliminate your need for plastic shoppers.

How should I clean my screen printed product?

Each screen printed item has its own care label stitched in for easy wash care instructions. Minimising machine washing will increase the life of your print. When a thorough clean becomes necessary your screen printed item can be washed on a hand-wash setting at 30 degrees using a mild detergent. 

CAUTION: Always iron screen prints on the back of the fabric. 

What can I do to clean spills or marks?

Spot cleaning with laundry detergent and a damp sponge is preferable for small marks.