Beni Ourain Wool Runner - Diamonds - Cream

Beni Ourain Wool Runner - Diamonds - Cream

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Boho Sahara rugs are all hand crafted and created using high quality wool, sourced locally in the Atlas Mountains. These rugs are made by local artisans in Morocco. Some can take up to two months to produce. We take great pride in selling these exquisite individual pieces.

The term Beni Ourain is often misused to simply describe a certain 'look'. In reality is a term that only truly applies to work of the weaving collective of just 17 Berber tribes that live in the Atlas Mountains. Authentic Beni Ourain rugs are surprisingly modern looking and feature in many Scandi-style homes. They are made from the finest wool and are considered the most prestigious rugs in Morocco. We are proud to offer these authentic Beni Ourain rugs, whilst ethically supporting local workers.

Invest in timeless style; buy your one of a kind Beni Ourain diamond runner today.