Brass Mini Mirror Punch-hole Set (3)

Brass Mini Mirror Punch-hole Set (3)

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The brass mini mirror punch-hole set features three beautifully crafted mirrors with a punch out design and hammered detailing. The set is made up of 3 different shaped mirrors; eye, circle and droplet. These dainty mirrors will add a touch of warmth and light to any space.

Made with expert craftsmanship and a stunning design, our mirrors are are designed and made, in the traditional style by skilled metal workers in Marrakech. Each mirror frame is cut from sheets of brass and beaten into shape by hand making every one unique.

Reflect the boho spirit in your home; buy your brass mixed mini mirror set now.

Sizes (approximate as each item is hand cut from brass sheets)

Eye 12cm x 12cm

Droplet 10cm x 8.5cm

Circle 8cm x 8cm