Coir - Pouffe Filling

Coir - Pouffe Filling

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Coir are the natural fibres harvested from ripe coconuts. Coir is incredibly lightweight as well as having a lovely springy quality - this creates the same firm but comfy feel as the traditional camel hair filled pouffe but is much lighter and more ethically and environmentally friendly. 

How to Order:

Buying a standard pouffe?

Just add one ‘Coir’ to your basket along with your chosen pouffe and we will fill your pouffe for you so it arrives ready to use.  If you are buying more than one pouffe please remember to add the corresponding number of ‘Coir’ products to your basket.

Buying a large pouffe?

Our large pouffes are considered a furniture item due to their very large volume. We currently do not offer a coir filling service for large pouffes and instead recommend the use of large scale filling options such as upholstery wadding. 

Need to top up an existing pouffe?

One ‘Coir’ listing is enough to fill one of our standard pouffes. If purchased on its own the product will come bagged and ready for you to use at home.