Hammam Towel Cool Shores
Hammam Towel Cool Shores

Hammam Towel Cool Shores

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This versatile Hammam towel comes in light-weight, durable and highly absorbent cotton featuring all the colours of the British shore line; blue, green and beige stripes with slim bands of cream. This versatile hammam can be used as a bath towel, beach towel, throw, sarong or table cloth. 

Hammam towels were originally used in traditional Islamic public baths called ‘Hamam’ and have become popular across the world due to their beauty and functionality. Each towel is ethically made on traditional wooden hand-operated looms and finished with hand twisted fringing. 

Mix, match and curate your hammam collection now.


Please Note: Slight variations in colour and tassel size may occur due to the hand woven nature of the product.