Rich Cotton/wool mix Hammam, Tiny Diamond Pattern

Rich Cotton/wool mix Hammam, Tiny Diamond Pattern

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The hammam Tiny Diamond towel comes in a sumptuous blend of wool and cotton adding durability and absorbency to the hammam’s famous light-weight, fast drying properties. The addition of wool adds drape, lustre and warmth to the towel which can effortlessly multitask as a shawl, blanket or throw. 

Hammam towels were originally used in the traditional Islamic public baths called ‘Hamam’ and have become popular across the world due to their beauty and functionality. Each of our towels is ethically hand-made by artisans using traditional wooden looms and finished with hand twisted fringing. Small variations in weave simply tell the story of this uniquely crafted piece.

Mix and layer for a cosy scandi feel throughout the home. Choose your favourite hammam combination today.


Width 33cm
Length 188cm