Vintage Handira– White Sequin
Vintage Handira– White Sequin

Vintage Handira– White Sequin

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This original vintage white sequin Handira is sumptuously textured. The flat woven base features stripes of hand twisted, sequinned tassels and soft tufted irregular stripes. This combination of traditional moroccan weaving techniques creates a textured, artisanal look which looks stunning displayed as a throw, wall-hanging or rug.  

Traditionally the Handira tells the story of a blessing passed from one generation to the next; a blanket made by a mother and given to her daughter upon marriage. Our Handira are made using the same traditional weaving techniques and hand operated wooden looms. Each Handira takes our artisans several months to complete.            

Invest in ethical, hand-made style and buy your Handira today.  

Please Note: This Handira is an authentically vintage item and has small marks and blemishes that come with time, telling it's story and making it perfectly imperfect.


Width 160cm
Length 235cm