Vintage Style Boujad Floor Cushion - Salmon Pink
Vintage Style Boujad Floor Cushion - Salmon Pink

Vintage Style Boujad Floor Cushion - Salmon Pink

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This one of a kind wool floor cushion is woven in the traditional Boujad style. The cushion features a deep pile of dusky pink with a few flecks of muted grey, black and rust creating fresh, contemporary feel to this traditionally made piece which is sure to compliment any boho interior.  Each floor cushion is substantial and deep-filled and is aptly referred to as a ‘table chair’ in Boujad tradition where the Boujad rug is called the ‘Table’.

Our floor cushions are hand-dyed and woven by artisans in the Atlas mountains of Morocco, home to the Boujad tribe. Boujad weaving allows an artisan to use their unique artistic inspirations to create a spontaneous design. As per tribal tradition our floor cushions will create an area to relax and connect.    

Invite the warmth and welcome of Morocco into your home; choose your favourite cushions today. 


Product Info:

-Finished with a zip and cotton canvas backer.

-Shapes, sizes and colours may vary due to the unique hand-made nature of the products.

-This product comes unfilled.


-We recommend 'Sustainable Filling'. Fill your floor cushions with unwanted clothing or bedding at home. This is the best way to fill this beautiful piece. 

-We also believe it is an ethical way to make use of clothes, pillows and bedding at home.




Width 58cm