Moroccan Wool Plate No.6 (M)

Moroccan Wool Plate No.6 (M)

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This Moroccan wool plate comes in a dynamic palette of black, yellow, pink, cream, and green. The bold central flower motif reflects Islamic influences on Moroccan art and craft. This multi-purpose plate can be grouped with other wool pots and bowls to curate an attractive display or can be hung on a wall for decoration. It can also be used as a fruit bow, bread server or to hold household trinkets. 

Our Moroccan wool pots and plates are made by artisans living and working in the Atlas mountain region of Morocco. Each one is made from natural materials, just reeds and wool. Wool is wrapped around reeds binding them together to create unique designs. Wool plates were traditionally used for serving bread in Moroccan homes.

Add texture, pattern and style to your boho home. Buy your wool plate now.


Product Info:

Minor variations in colour and texture may occur due to the hand-made nature of the product

Size: Medium 28-30cm