Wool Pot – Black, White

Wool Pot – Monochrome Pop (M)

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The medium size Monochrome Pop pot features a black and white diamond design with contrasting band of bright, lipstick pink at the base for a look that marries the traditional with the modern. A co-ordinating lid completes the pot. This hand-woven piece will inject a little tribal chic into your home while helping keep busy areas organised and clutter free. 

Our wool pots are carefully hand-made by artisans in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains using traditional weaving methods. Wool and reeds are bound together to create the unique structure and pattern of each pot.

Create a stylish, clutter free living-space; treat yourself to your favourite wool pots today.


Product Info:

Minor variations in colour and texture may occur due to the hand-made nature of the product.

Medium pots size range

Height: 24cm-30cm
Base: 12cm-16cm